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Bîrcode for Software Solutions

Bîrcode, a Kurdish IT team, works to develop technology through the development of many softwares and useful sites on the Internet.

The Bîrcode team is ready to develop software such as creating all kinds of Mobile Applications (for both Android and iOS) and creating Databases, Web Applications and Websites with the best quality in the least time.

Bîrcode: A Kurdish-English word, Bîr is a Kurdish word which means Mind and Code is an English word.

  • %100 Security
  • Best Quality
  • Least Time
  • 24/7 Support

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We have a powerful, excellent and majestic team of developers and designers, they are just the best of their types!

Hunar Rzgar

Mobile Application Dev.

Aga Ismael

CEO & Project Manager

Didar Masaud

Full Stack Dev.

Jegr Mahmood

CTO & Software Developer


Full Stack Dev.

Nasyaw Hamad

Software Developer

Ahmed Mzafar

Security Analyst

Moein Abas

Security Analyst

Muhammed Khalid

Web Developer

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